March 14, 2010

Repairman’s Lust

By Rush

'Damn it I need to get out of here if I'm gonna make it on time,' I thought while finishing screwing the last bolt on the transmission I was working on. "Dude, I need to leave or I'll miss my appointment with that guy, the one coming to repair the satellite!" I said to my boss, David.

"Take off man. See you Monday!" David replied.

I got to my locker and changed my greased up coveralls and put on my clean t-shirt, got in my car and drove as fast as I possibly could. As I approached the front of my house I saw a truck waiting to pull in coming from the opposite direction. I looked in the trucks window and 'Damn! I like what I see so far...'

"Hey! Thought I was gonna miss my appointment with you. I'm glad I made it on time." I said.

"No problem man. I'm Chad."

"Hey Chad, I'm Al."

He was still in the truck gathering the paperwork and equipment he'd need to come inside and take a look at the satellite box.

As he got out of the truck I thought I was going to choke... Out comes this massive, all muscle Native American looking guy. His skin tone was melt in your mouth caramel. His shirt was wrapped around a solid 'trunk' of a body where you could see every curve of his muscles clearly. I thought his legs had no end to them. The man must at least be 6' 5" if not more. He had long, black Onyx hair that looked soft as silk and was tied with a black rubber band. It reminded me of a warm starry night sky. 'I wonder if he'd let me wrap my fingers around it.' I thought. But the oddest and most attractive part of him was his eyes. They were the color of pure amber and oh my... were they sexy! WOW! What a contrast to his dark skin. They were surrounded by thick long lashes that I was pretty sure would stir the air whenever he moved them.

"Do you have to go inside first or take a look at the dish?" I asked, still lost inside those eyes.

"No, I have to take a look inside and see what it's doing first." He replied.

"OK, then let's go in."

Once we got to the living room I gave him the control and he started pressing buttons. I had no idea what he was doing since all I knew to do with it was flip it on and off and change the channels. But boy did I want to keep him inside for a long time!

'Down boy. What the hell am I, a dog in heat?' I reprimanded myself.

"I think I know what the problem is. Have you guys had a lot of strong winds lately?" he asked.

"Yea we have. These past few days have been quite bad as a matter of fact."

"I'll readjust it and that should do it."

"Would you care for a drink?" I asked still admiring his looks.

"Sure, it's been quite hot today and I have had to do a lot of outside work."

"I have soda, iced tea, juice or water."

"I'll have some iced tea if you don't mind."

"No prob." I went to the kitchen thinking of taking a detour to the bathroom for some relief but thought it would not be a good idea. Nonetheless I felt I was going to explode! I mean, you can't blame me, the man was just mouthwatering, a walking orgasm. He should have a sign around his neck warning people of the dangers he could impose on a vulnerable single man!

Well, I didn't go to the bathroom, I knew I could take care of my little 'issue' later. I was only hoping my tent... no, pyramid, wasn't too evident. I poured us each a glass of tea and took them to the living room.

"Here ya go."

"Great, thanks!"

He just stood there for a few minutes drinking while looking at the pictures I had on the walls.

"You made those?"

"Yea, I like playing around with paints and charcoal from time to time."

"They are pretty good. I'm no art expert but to me they look good. What else do you like playing around with?"

Out went the tea I had in my mouth, needless to say splattering him all over his chest. Oh. My. GAWD!! Wanna talk about embarrassed? Yea, that was me. 'I wonder how long until my picture will be posted on the side of milk cartons warning people to stay the hell away from me.' I thought.

I looked him in the eyes and he's looking back at me. He was biting the inside of his mouth until he could not hold it any longer and broke out in full laughter. In the meantime I'm turning all kinds of colors until the last one which was ghost white. I didn't know where to shove my face. I wanted to die. Why? I think I just outed myself to this hunk of a man!

"Sorry about that man." he said once he could breathe.

Me? I was definitely NOT breathing! My eyes looked like saucers and I was totally speechless.

"Umm, Umm..." That's all that came out of my mouth. Mute much?

"Look, it's ok. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I saw you looking at me and kind of figured you liked what you saw. And trust me, the feeling is returned."

Oh, Earth! Open up and swallow me could you? I've never been put in this position and didn't know what to say and totally forgot how to act. Actually, I think I was acting like a stupid love-struck teen instead of the 25 year old man that I was.

"Could you let me make it up to you?" he asked looking at me, still smiling.

"Umm, like how?" DUH me!

"How about you let me take you out for drinks?"

'If you think I'm going to say no, you must be crazy. Who could say no to him?'

"Oh, OK. Tomorrow?"

"Sure, I have the day off."

"Me too."

"Where do you work at?”

"The transmission shop in town."

"Oh that's great; I might have some work for you."

“Sure, what time were you thinking?"

"How about I come pick you up at 8."

"Sounds good. I'll be ready."

"OK, let me go outside and adjust the dish and I'll be right back."

"Being that it's this late in the afternoon, do you have other appointments?”

"Nope, you're my last."

"Well, how about if I cook something quick for us?"

"Only if you don't mind but I don't want to intrude."

"No way, no intrusions at all, I'll be glad for the company."

"Then, yes, I'd be glad to stay for dinner." And with that and a gorgeous smile he walked outside and I headed toward the kitchen.

While he was working on the satellite, I made myself busy fixing a simple dinner of baked rosemary chicken, scalloped potatoes and steamed broccoli, meanwhile eyeing the bathroom door, wishing I had time to 'take care of business', my dick was starting to hurt in the tight confines of my jeans. About fifteen minutes later I heard a knock on the door. You know these guys won't just come inside the house without asking first. How polite is that? I stuck my head out the kitchen door and motion him to come in.

“I'll only be a few more minutes in the living room then I'll be done.”

“No worries. Dinner is in the oven already.”

'Damn, cute and domesticated.' Chad thought.

True to his word, Chad was soon done with his work and had the papers ready for Al to sign, and then he called the company letting them know he was done for the day.

“Well, since you're off now, how about something a little stronger to drink?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me.”

“How about a cold beer?”

“Oh yea, I could use a cold one just about now. I’d like to go and grab me a clean shirt from the truck first if you don't mind though.”

“Not at all. Just come right inside on your way back, K?”

Chad walked out and I watched him from the front door, noticing his well-formed behind swing from side to side as he walked.

'Damn!' I thought. I mean, you can't blame me for admiring that beautiful specimen. I didn't go out much since there are not many places to choose from in this little hell hole of a town I lived in and one does get lonely from time to time, and besides, you know about small towns, right? Everyone knows your business; therefore the gays are very well hidden. Tongues around here cut deeper than the sharpest butcher knife!

“Could I use your bathroom so I can change?” Came Chad's voice from behind me.

“Sure, second door on the left.”

When I heard the bathroom door open after a couple of minutes, I went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of bottles of beer. When Chad walked into the kitchen I turned around and froze and like a fool stood there looking at the tight t-shirt in front of me, my eyes sweeping up and down in admiration. I think I was by now... drooling. I couldn't move.

“Umm. You know, the beer is best while it's cold and I'm pretty sure it's getting warm quite fast on your hands.” Chad said while smiling at me.


“Oh, sorry. Here.” I said handing him one of the bottles. “You can't blame me for staring though. It's not every day I have the company of a god in my kitchen looking all kinds of sinful and all.” OK, time for my face to turn all those pretty colors again. “I'll check on dinner while trying to scrape some of my dignity off the floor. Got a scraper in your truck?” And with that, I turned around and opened the oven door wondering if I should join the chicken in there. Ugh! How embarrassing! In the meantime Chad was having fun watching me suffer. He laughed.

“Mmm, that smells good. What is it?” Chad asked sitting himself on a stool by the counter.

I told him what we were eating. “Hope you like it.” I said.

“If it tastes as good as it smells, I know I will.”

While I stood at the counter fixing a salad Chad sat at the counter and we talked for a while.

Once dinner was done I served up two plates, placed one in front of him, grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and sat next to him.

“Pretty good dinner. I can't cook worth a crap.” Said Chad. “Wouldn't mind you teach me a thing or two.”

“Oh, I can think of a few things I could teach you.” I said in a sing song voice.

“Hey, I'm talking about food here.” He said while laughing.

“Oh, me too. Food can be very...exciting.”

“Yeah...I bet.” He replied with a leer.

We were both laughing and feeling very relaxed with each other. Once we were done eating Chad helped me with the dishes while we talked and learned about each other, our likes, dislikes, etc.

We continued our chatting in the living room until Chad noticed the time, it was already getting late.

“Well, this has been a surprising day for me. Never in my life did I think I'd be working, get invited for dinner and meet a beautiful, interesting man like you.” Chad said. “I'm looking forward to tomorrow.” And with that he walked to the door while I followed behind. Chad turned around and looked in my eyes. “Thanks for dinner, you're great company.” He reached out with his hand, cupped my chin with his fingers and slowly, as if asking permission brought his face closer and kissed me softly on the lips.

“By the way, I bet you smell good too.” Chad whispered with a mischievous smile on his face. In the meantime I was once again displaying the now familiar colors on my face.

Finally, once I was alone I ran to the bathroom, turned the water to the hottest I could handle without my skin peeling off and started 'taking care of business'. Just thinking about seeing him tomorrow was driving me crazy.

Sleep didn't come easy that night. I tossed and turned until finally I was so tired my eyes gave in.

* * *

Next morning I woke up late and after drinking my coffee started cleaning around the house. In the early afternoon the phone rang, I picked it up and heard Chad's beautiful baritone voice.

“I got your phone off the paperwork, hope you don't mind.” He said.

“Not at all. I forgot to get yours though. I mean, I don't know if the one I have here is from work or what. But in any case I have it now on my caller ID.”

“That'd be my home number. You can save it if you'd like. I was calling to see if you'd like to have dinner with me before we go for drinks.” Chad said.

“That sounds good. You're coming over earlier then?”

“Yeah. Is six OK with you? I'd like to take you to Richmond to a little Italian restaurant I like where the food is excellent. It'll take us a little over an hour to get there.”

“Yes, definitely. I love Italian food.”

“OK, see you then.” Chad said then we hung up the phone.

* * *

The drive to Richmond was very animated with both of us chatting constantly. I learned that close to a year ago Chad had broken off a nasty relationship where everything seemed a one way street, with Chad being the sole provider while his partner took advantage of him financially and emotionally. I also learned that the sex was almost nonexistent and that since they broke up Chad had only had very few casual contacts and was a bit cautious of exposing himself to another heartbreak. I told him about me also; about not looking for quick one nighters. That wasn't my style. The way I've talked to you about Chad you'd think I'm a royal slut but really, it's been quite a long time since I've invited anyone to my house, let alone taken them to my bed; it just freaks me out.

We were talking so much and having such a good time I didn't even realize we had just parked in front of the restaurant. We were seated toward the back at a semi-private table which I really liked. Menus were placed in front of us and wine was ordered.

“What's your favorite Italian dish?” Chad asked.

“I'd have to say I love Shrimp Scampi and I see they have it here.”

“Oh yea. I've had it and it's very good.”

“Humm, then that's what I'll have.” Our waitress Kelly took our order and we talked some more and after waiting a few minutes our food came.

“Oooh, that smells delicious.” I said while rubbing both hands together. “Lots of garlic, which I really like. It's got enough of it to ward off a flock of Vampires.” I said. Chad laughed then it dawned on me. 'Oh, oh. What if... Ohhh shit!... What if he wants to kiss me? I'm gonna kill the poor man with my demonic breath! I hope dessert will help tone it down a bit then when we get back home I'll have to run to the bathroom and gargle with freaking Drano and hope that helps!' I thought. I ate it anyways 'cause I wasn't about to leave all that yummy food on the table.

“Would you care for dessert?” Kelly asked, taking our plates away.

“Yes, I'll have the Tres Leches with lots of whipped cream and hot fudge.” I said, still thinking of my dragon breath problem.

“And you sir?”

“I'll pass. I'm quite full at the moment. Thanks.”

“I'll be right back with your order.” She smiled at me, winked at Chad and walked away. I looked at Chad who was smiling, looking at her as she walked away.

Kelly came back with this amazing, delicious looking cake. At the bottom of the plate you could see the mixture of milks oozing from it, then on top there was a pyramid of fluffy whipped cream and hot fudge dripping down. (Are you salivating already? I know I am.) I started eating while Chad watched, smiling at me. It was so rich it would make a diabetic go into cardiac right away. But it was sweet and so creamy and moist and...

Since Chad was so intently looking at me, I decided to make the experience a little more interesting. I set the spoon down and started running my finger through the top gathering whipped cream on it. I brought it slowly to my mouth letting some gather on my lips before inserting the finger in my mouth while letting out a low moan. I did that several times. Chad's mouth fell open looking at my mouth then closed it with a snap. He swallowed hard, bit his lip and brought his hand under the table to adjust himself.

“You know you're gonna pay for it later, right?” Chad said.

“With interest I hope.” I replied with a leer.

“Oh, Ya.” I scooped more cream onto my finger and brought it to Chad's lips. He sucked on it while giving me the hottest look you've ever seen. 'Oh ya is right, I'm really going to pay for it.' I kept on feeding both of us with the cake 'til it was gone.

“Wanna skip the drinks and go straight to your place?” By now Chad was breathing a bit hard and you could tell that wasn't the only thing that was hard. I was carrying a brick in front of my pants myself.


Ok, so I know what you might be thinking and I don't blame you. After all, I did say that I don't like bringing guys home, let alone to my bed but... have you taken a good look at him?

Heloooo reader, I'm talking to you! *Tap-Tap on your monitor* Look at his hard body, his gorgeous face, the long silky hair that I want to run my fingers through and bury my face in. Plus, and most importantly, he's smart as can be. Overall, he's everything I've been looking for in a guy and I'd be stupid to let him go now. You can't honestly blame me for how I feel, other than being horny as shit after that display with the cake, now, can you?

So, onwards we go back to my place. Once there my hands began to sweat. I was definitely getting nervous now and had a hard time unlocking the door. Chad reached over taking the keys from my hands.

“Here, let me. You know, I'm not the big bad wolf. I'm not going to bite you...hard.” Chad said with a mischievous look in his eyes...I squirmed letting out a low squeal...He laughed.

Chad put his arm around my shoulders and guided me inside. Once the door closed behind us he turned me around and next thing I know his luscious lips were on mine. His embrace was all I needed to melt my inhibitions away. The kiss that started as simple exploration had us both breathing hard now, his hands exploring every inch of my back. He reached down and lifted me up with his arms across my buns. I took the hint and wrapped my legs around his hips.

“Where to?” Chad asked into my mouth. I pointed with my hand toward my bedroom and he walked us toward it, our tongues still battling for dominance.

He laid me down while I was still holding onto him, with my legs still wrapped around him as he lay on me. One hand closed into a fist around my hair, the other pulled my shirt up until it was freed from my pants, exploring against my hot skin until it found what it was looking for. Rubbing against my chest, his fingers pinched on my nipples. His breath was like a drug to me, a drug I couldn't get enough of and I wanted more.

I brought my hands down; un tucked his shirt from his pants and started rubbing his back, his sides, his chest. His hand started unbuttoned my shirt slowly while his mouth kissed my jaw, slowly licking down to my neck leaving a wet trail over my chest and finding my nipple, sucking like a starved child. He pushed my arms up taking my shirt off. I wanted to feel his skin, his body, his sweat; I wanted to smell his essence on mine. I pulled on the hem of his shirt; he stopped kissing my chest long enough for me to free him from the garment.

My hand went down to undo his belt buckle, then roved back up again, squeezing his pectoral muscles, his chest; feeling the heat of his body. After taking a moment to unbutton his pants I went back to play with his hair, taking the elastic band that held it back, letting it fall like a silk curtain on my face and my body; ohhh it feels so good.

I pulled his zipper down, my legs falling off his hips and he rose up giving me room to pull his pants and boxers down as far as I could reach. I felt him kicking his shoes off, briefly stood up to stepped out of his pants while patting me on the hip for me to lift my butt. I was so lost in the feeling I didn't even realize he'd undone my pants. He took my shoes off and pulled down my pants dropping them next to his on the floor. He pulled me up toward my pillows and lay down on top of me, nose to nose, chest to chest, cock to cock, rubbing together with the most amazing heat I've ever experience. I knew there was no stopping us now.

“Umm, Chad?” I asked.

“Yes, babe.”

“I have something to confess before we go any further.”

Chad looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes. “What is it?” He asked.

“I've messed around before but never gone all the way with anyone, you'd be my first and I'm kind of scared.” Chad smiled at me tenderly, understanding.

“Don't worry, I'll go easy. I'm glad to be the first to bring you the ultimate pleasure when it comes to sex. I knew from the moment I saw you that you were special.”

Well, I did mention I don't bring guys into my home, didn't I? I have done and given blowjobs and hand jobs but I've never had the courage to go further, neither have I ever found someone I'd like to go all the way with, that is, until now. I really liked Chad. There was something different about him, something that told me that he could be it, the real thing and my instincts are usually pretty much on the dot.

“Do you have lube and condoms?” Asked Chad.

“Lube, yes, condoms, no. Sorry.” I did keep lube in my night stand since I use it on myself but have never had the need for condoms. I wasn't expecting to do anything any time soon.

“Don't worry; I have a condom in my jean's pocket. Where's the lube?” I pointed to where I kept the tube and he reached over and grabbed it from the drawer then reached for his pants on the floor and got his wallet out to get a condom and dropped them both on the bed next to us. “It's been in here for a while now but I'm pretty sure it's still good.”

“A while?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don't go fucking around aimlessly either, you know?”

“I'm glad to hear that.”

And with that, his mouth was back on mine kissing me with a fury only a hurricane could imitate. His hand was exploring my body once again sliding down my stomach until it reached my cock. He started stroking me slowly while his lips were kissing and sucking on my neck. His tongue left a trail of wet heat down to my chest until those gorgeous lips found a nipple and once again, started sucking and biting on it. My mind was lost and I wanted more.

His tongue kept traveling down until it found what it was looking for. My prick. It felt so hot when he started licking the head, and even more so when he started gliding it down the length of the shaft only to stop at my balls to suck on them, first one, then the other. He then went back up to the head and started sucking on it, rubbing his tongue on the slit. The feeling it evoked in me was maddening. I thought I was going to lose it when I felt him taking the whole length in and just keeping it there, doing this constricting move with his throat. Then slowly, he started going up and down sucking so hard I thought the head of my dick was going to explode. The feeling was surreal.

“Chad, you're going to make me cum.”

“Yes babe, cum for me.”

I heard the flip of the lube tube then a cold finger massaging my hole. Slowly I felt him penetrate me and my first instinct was to tense up.

“Shhh, relax, I won't hurt you.”

I did just that. I allowed my muscles to relax, to stay still and accept what was coming. I felt him going deeper and moving his finger around until...

“Ohhh... My... gods!”

“You like that?”

“Like? Do it again!” And he did. Again and again and... My head kept turning side to side, my breath erratic. I thought that hand jobs and blowjobs were the most exhilarating things on earth, I was oh so wrong! If Chad's finger felt this good, what's it gonna be like with his dick in me? He came back up and kissed me hard.

“I'm gonna put another finger in, just relax for me, ok?” He started kissing me again making me forget the sting I felt in my ass. He kept on hitting my prostate driving me wild.

“Now, Chad. I want you now!”

He took his fingers out and put the condom on spreading more lube over his covered dick and my ass, lifted my legs and positioned himself.

“I want you to take a deep breath and let it out slowly pushing out from your ass.”

I felt the head of his prick pushing in and when it did my eyes became like saucers and my hands grabbed onto his wrists. It was painful enough for me to start sweating like a mad man.

“Shhh, it'll go away soon. Just keep on breathing, don't hold it in. I won't move until you get used to me.”

After a few seconds I nodded my head letting him know it was ok to continue. I couldn't say a word though; I think I swallowed my vocal cords. At a snail's pace he started inching his way inside me, little by little until I felt his pubes touching my balls. Then he stopped letting me know that once again he wasn't going to move until I was used to his dick. He leaned forward and started kissing me gently while his hand was playing with my hair, his thumb rubbing my forehead, reassuring me that it was all going to be ok. Once the sting subsided I wrapped my legs around his hips and pushed him in. That's all he needed and proceeded to slowly slide in and out of me, twisting and prodding until he found that place that drove me wild.

“Oh yes, that feels... Oh shit!” Every time he pushed in he kept hitting that magic button and the feeling was like no other. “Faster, harder Chad!” I grabbed onto his hair and brought him down kissing him hard. In and out he went, faster and harder, our bodies a liquid, sweating mess. He raised his body, grabbed me by the hips and started pounding me. The only sound was the slapping of his body onto mine and our uneven, rapid breath. I felt a fire starting from my balls and spread rapidly throughout my body.

“I'm gonna come Chad.”

“Yes babe, I'm there with you.”

I came harder than I've ever come in my life. I thought it was never going to stop. Seconds after I started coming I felt Chad tense up and pushed twice inside me. His head tilted backwards, his hair trailing down his chest onto my stomach getting covered with my juices. He had the most beautiful expression on his face as he was coming inside me. Once he was done he collapsed on top of me, our bodies shaking and both breathing hard, my arms holding him tight. After a minute he rolled over bringing my body with him, lying half on top of his as I lay my head on his shoulder. He wrapped my body with one of his enormous arms and held my hand with the other hand on his chest. I could feel his heartbeat; it was thumping just as fast and hard as mine was.

“Wow Chad. I have no words for what you just made me feel. It was amazing. I know I won't be able to walk right for a week!” We both laughed at that. I raised my head and our lips connected in a soft, slow kiss.


It's been fourteen blissful months since Chad and I got together. Of course, as with any couple, we've had our disagreements but nothing that we couldn't resolve peacefully. The sex kept getting better and better, leaving that initial stinging pain in the past. We kept on visiting each other’s homes but traveling over an hour after getting off work was taking a toll on both of us. The days we couldn't visit we spoke on the phone for what seemed like hours. We definitely couldn't stay away from each other. I loved hearing his voice but it can't compare with the feeling I get when his moist, hot breath is right there, in my ear whispering his love for me. Then one night, after making love for the umpteenth time Chad asked the question.

“Al, you know how much I love you and I know you love me just as much. I also know I want us to stay together for years to come; that you are not going to hurt me emotionally like has happened in the past. What do you think about moving in with me? I've talked with the boss and he's willing to hire you at the shop, that way you'll be working close by and it'll be easier on us both. I really hate the days when I can't hold you and all we can do is jack off on the phone. I'd like to have you with me every night. Besides, it's too damn dangerous driving on that road toward your house in the winter when it's slick with ice and snow. So, what do you say?”

“I'm glad you asked because I've been thinking the same thing. I do love you, more than anything and you know I'd never hurt you intentionally. What do you say we both sell our places and buy a house? I don't think we can fit both our belonging in your apartment, it's not big enough. I can get rid of a few things I don't need if we can't fit or have no use for them.”

“You don't mind selling the farm?”

“I don't have time to make it productive. The pastures are full of weeds, the pond is practically dead and I think it would be nice if someone else could come in and turn it into what it once was, a productive farm. So, no, I don't mind it at all. Besides, you're right, these jacking off sessions on the phone are getting old.” I said, Chad laughed, reached over and gave my forehead a soft kiss.

“It's a deal then.”

And that was that. We sold our places, bought a house outside of Richmond away from the city traffic and noise. We are as happy as can be and we even have a cat named Sir Chester.

A Big Thank You to Nephylim and NightOwl for helping me get this Anthology out to you. I couldn't have done it without them. They are the Best!

© 2010 Rush

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Gay Authors 2010 Spring Anthology

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May 19, 2009

The Kiss

As we stand there in front of each other my eyes turn to yours, staring at you, willing your eyes to look back at me.
My mind is screaming, 'please! Look at me! I'm begging you!'.
Suddenly, as if being heard, you turn your head, in slow motion, ever so slowly, your eyes start traveling from my body... to my chest... my mouth, then gently they deposit themselves into my eyes screaming silent words toward each other.
So much wanting, so much needing, raw desire exploding through the irises. It's so clear the words they are communicating and we have no choice, we are helpless, we have to please them, please ourselves.
Your eyes travel to my mouth, I swallow hard, lick my lips. Your eyes widen acknowledging what is to come.
Slowly... Ever so slowly your hand reaches up, touching my face, thumb playing circles on my lips.
Slowly... Your hand travels to the back of my neck holding me ever so gently.
Slowly... I see your lips coming closer, ever so slowly to gently caress my expectant ones.
My mind....reeling, expectant, dizzy with want.
Soft as a feather's touch my tongue explores your soft lips as they offer an invitation to proceed.
Tongues touching. Heat exudes like molten lava traveling from our faces, our chests, our torso, depositing itself farther below allowing the rush of blood to play havoc with us.
Passion arises, tongues twisting like mating snakes, fighting for control, fighting for dominance, for pleasure.
Sucking, biting my bottom lip, down to my throat, taking small samples of my essence, learning my skin.
So much ecstasy between you and me.
Moisture covers us like a clear silk curtain. Hearts beating like a natives drum. Fire surging upwards from in between us heating our bodies without mercy.
Our mouths locking once again, while breathing becomes more and more difficult. We try to quench the thirst, satisfy the mind, exhaust the need.
Hands convulse, learning every crevice of our bodies, giving incessant welcoming pleasures.
Brain becomes cloudy, we hold each other tight, breath catching until.....