May 19, 2009

The Kiss

As we stand there in front of each other my eyes turn to yours, staring at you, willing your eyes to look back at me.
My mind is screaming, 'please! Look at me! I'm begging you!'.
Suddenly, as if being heard, you turn your head, in slow motion, ever so slowly, your eyes start traveling from my body... to my chest... my mouth, then gently they deposit themselves into my eyes screaming silent words toward each other.
So much wanting, so much needing, raw desire exploding through the irises. It's so clear the words they are communicating and we have no choice, we are helpless, we have to please them, please ourselves.
Your eyes travel to my mouth, I swallow hard, lick my lips. Your eyes widen acknowledging what is to come.
Slowly... Ever so slowly your hand reaches up, touching my face, thumb playing circles on my lips.
Slowly... Your hand travels to the back of my neck holding me ever so gently.
Slowly... I see your lips coming closer, ever so slowly to gently caress my expectant ones.
My mind....reeling, expectant, dizzy with want.
Soft as a feather's touch my tongue explores your soft lips as they offer an invitation to proceed.
Tongues touching. Heat exudes like molten lava traveling from our faces, our chests, our torso, depositing itself farther below allowing the rush of blood to play havoc with us.
Passion arises, tongues twisting like mating snakes, fighting for control, fighting for dominance, for pleasure.
Sucking, biting my bottom lip, down to my throat, taking small samples of my essence, learning my skin.
So much ecstasy between you and me.
Moisture covers us like a clear silk curtain. Hearts beating like a natives drum. Fire surging upwards from in between us heating our bodies without mercy.
Our mouths locking once again, while breathing becomes more and more difficult. We try to quench the thirst, satisfy the mind, exhaust the need.
Hands convulse, learning every crevice of our bodies, giving incessant welcoming pleasures.
Brain becomes cloudy, we hold each other tight, breath catching until.....


1 comment:

Johnathan Colourfield said...

oh my goodness sandra :) another piece of short fiction from a wonderful writer :) i hope you keep it coming mom :)